mardi 13 décembre 2016

Activities of the ISHE this fall

I went back to Japan last month to organize several small gatherings to discuss science from philosophical perspectives and philosophical matters with scientists and non-scientists. These are popularization activities of the ISHE. The gatherings were held in Sapporo and in Tokyo. The themes we talked about this time were as follows: "the gene" in Sapporo meeting, "Nicomachean Ethics"and "the plant" in Tokyo meetings. In these meetings, I first present the outline of the topics in about an hour and the discussion ensues for the next hour. Often the discussion time is not enough and we continue our discussion at a party after the session. I have benefited a lot from these activities. I hope the participants also enjoy these occasions. The followings are some of the photos taken before each session.

 The Second Sci-Phi Cafe SHE in Sapporo (2016.11.8)

 The Fourth Cafe-Philo PAWL in Tokyo (2016.11.11)

 The Tenth Sci-Phi Cafe SHE in Tokyo (2016.11.17)

 The Tenth Sci-Phi Cafe SHE in Tokyo (2016.11.18)

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