lundi 11 juillet 2016

Mission ---- Institute for Science & Human Existence (ISHE)

In 2013, I established the Institute for Science & Human Existence (ISHE). My original intention was to bridge between science and philosophy and to reach understandings of human existence. One of the reasons was that I was amazed by enormous amounts of work on science accumulated in the field of philosophy but that most scientists are totally unaware of these facts. This is in stark contrast to the situation of philosophers who always look at science. I thought this unrequited love should be rectified.
Having reflected on 3 years of activities, the mission of the ISHE has become clearer to me. 
(1) to popularize science and philosophy by organizing gatherings to discuss scientific and philosophical matters.
(2) to study scientific problems from the philosophical and metaphysical point of view: the first theme is immunity.
(3) to research on the philosophy as a way of life: the first project is on the philosophy of Pierre Hadot (1922–2010).
(4) to promote cultural exchange between France and Japan: the first attempt is the translation of Philippe Kourilsky's book on new immunology, which was dealt in the previous articles.
(5) to reach an understanding of human existence and eventually to transform our own existence.

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