dimanche 10 juillet 2016

Translation is in progress

The book I am in the process of translating into Japanese is Le jeu du hasard et de la complexité (Odile Jacob, 2014) by Dr. Philippe Kourilsky, emeritus prof. of the Collège de France and the former president of the Institut Pasteur. English title would be The Game of the Chance and the Complexity. I have finished about two-thirds.

Novalis (1772–1801) left notes on translation. According to his notes, there are three types of translation: the first is literal, the second with interpretations and the third mythic. Novalis thought the third is of highest grade, for which there had been no models. However, one thing is clear: the translator has to be a true artist and the poet's poet. Translating acts are done everywhere and this principle is applied to all cases.

My own policy was to first complete the literal version of translation and then to proceed to the next step, hoping to climb up as high as possible. The visibility of the summit is hard to tell at this point.

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