mardi 12 juillet 2016

Activites for the ISHE: organize two types of gatherings, Sci-phi SHE and PAWL

In this entry, I am going to briefly explain our activities for the first mission, namely to organize two types of gatherings: one is to discuss scientific topics from the perspectives of history and philosophy (Sci-phi SHE=Science & Human Existence) and the other is to discuss 'philosophy as a way of life' (PAWL) by focusing each time on a philosopher who developed this type of philosophy. Since 2011, we have organized 9 + 1 gatherings for the first type and 3 gatherings for the second. The followings are the hard data:

Tokyo, Japan
(1) Science and philosophy: Overview (24-25.11.2011, Tokyo)
(2) Determinism and free will (17-18.4.2012, Tokyo)
(3) The Normal and the pathological (11-12.9.2012, Tokyo)
(4) Brain and mind, or consciousness (29-30.11.2012, Tokyo)
(5) Vitalism (26-27.3.2013, Tokyo) 
(6) Intestinal microbes (10-11.9.2013, Tokyo)
(7) Gene (3-4.4.2014, 2014, Tokyo)
(8) Intelligent design (27-28.11.2014, Tokyo)
(9) Science & religion: The case of Auguste Comte (10-11.3.2016, Tokyo)
Sapporo, Japan 
(1) Philosophy for science & science for philosophy (2.3.2016, Sapporo)

(1) Diogenes of Sinope (28.3.2014, Tokyo)
(2) Epicurus (21.11.2014, Tokyo)
(3) Epictetus (8.3.2016, Tokyo)

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